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The leader in offering a broad range of parts, innovative products, EzePaks™, and experienced technical support for your FFR Component Car.


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  • EzePak™ Everything to complete a particular system of your car
  • EzePak Master™ No donor, no problem! Everything to complete your FFR Roadster in one easy to order package (all new parts!)

Welcome to Breeze Automotive

Founded in 1999 by Mark Reynolds, Breeze Automotive is the leader in offering a broad range of parts, innovative products, EzePaks™, and experienced technical support for the Factory Five Racing Roadster and Coupe kits.

Factory Five Racing Roadster and Coupe (New builds):

Breeze championed the all-new parts approach to building Factory Five kits with the introduction of the EzePak Master™ kits in 2005. In 2007, we introduced the EzePak Master for the FFR Complete Kits. So whether you start with a Factory Five Base Kit or Complete Kit, Breeze Automotive is your resource for all the parts and technical support you need to finish your project. All EzePak Master™ Kits include the Ford Racing XEFMS 302 engine and are available carbureted or with the stunning Mass-Flo™ EFI system. Call to discuss your project and to request a detailed estimate. We can supply your parts all at once, or in phases to match your space, time, and budget constraints.

Factory Five
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Factory Five Racing Roadster and Coupe (Restorations, upgrades)

We have built two Mk1 Roadsters and have been supplying parts and technical support since 1999. We know the differences between the Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, and Mk3.1 roadsters and are well equipped to advise you on compatible upgrades.

Why Do Business with Breeze Automotive?

  • We have 10 years experience supporting the FFR component car community.
  • We have built two FFR Mk1's, our Mk3 show car, and helped over 3,200 customers through all aspects of their projects.
  • Our kits come with detailed instructions where applicable.
  • We are available by phone and e-mail to provide you with professional level help in parts selection and in resolving technical issues.
  • Breeze offers exclusive items, many that we design and manufacture ourselves.
  • We use as much Made-In-USA material as possible to produce our kits.
  • Our product selection of Factory Five Racing compatible parts is un-matched (our printed catalog is 80 pages!)
  • It's Eze to order 24-7 on our secure website.
  • We only charge you for items once they ship, and our shipping charges are always fair.
  • We carefully package your shipment to ensure it arrives intact.
  • Our track record is one of impeccable business ethics and integrity.

Take a thorough look at this website to help you decide on the configuration for your roadster. Then call Breeze and tell us about your goals for your project. We'll give you honest recommendations. Experience world class quality and innovation with Breeze. You'll build a better roadster - faster!

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