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190 LPH In-Tank EFI Fuel Pump with 3/8" Outlet

Breeze Exclusive New Product
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Fuel pump assembly, in-tank, 190 nominal liter per hour Walbro Pump, 3/8" OD supply, 1/4" OD return. In-tank pumps are the way to go for long life and quiet operation in any EFI application. We enlarge the 1/4" inlet to .186" ID and the 3/8" outlet to .312" ID which increases the minimum flow areas by 32% and 55% respectively. The Walbro GSS242 supplies 43.5 gph @13.5 volts at 58psi which supports 470 flywheel hp with a 10% safety factor. Includes inlet filter sock, gasket, retaining ring and Walbro flowrate vs pressure chart! In our opinion this pump is a perfect match for your Coyote powered roadster! This pump is supplied with OEM style outlets. For 06AN supply and return adapter fittings order Breeze 70736. For quick-connect pump-to-filter hose order Breeze 70748. For Fuel Filter Regulator and Line Kit for Coyote in Roadster order 70766.
Note: The actual voltage a pump sees makes a big difference in flowrate. The typical voltage regulator will keep the voltage between 13.5 and 14.5. If your charging system fails and your car is temporarily running off of 12V from the battery, then at 58psi this pump supports only 356hp with a 10% safety factor, so IF you are romping at 6,500 rpm AND your charging system has failed then this pump will not flow adequate fuel for your Coyote. If this makes you nervous you should order the 70735 which is a nominal 255lph pump and the 70750 High Flow Fuel Return Kit.

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