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Rod End Rear Lower Control Arm Kit

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered New Product
Price: $239.00
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Breeze Rear Lower Arms utilize Slot Loaded Ball Rod Ends with Injection Molded Race:
Use of spherical bearing rod ends allows free twisting of each end to minimize mechanical and friction bind. The free bearing motion allows the suspension soak up bumps and lean as intended.

Offset bearing inserts:
- The 5.0 Mustang suspension used a trapezoidal arrangement of the primarily the upper control arms, but also the lower control arms to laterally locate the axle housing. This works in the Mustang because the large soft rubber control arm bushing allow twist, rotation and change in center to center length of all the suspension arms. The addition of a proper pan-hard rod in the FFR 3-Link suspension obviates the need for trapezoidal arm arrangement. The Breeze bushings are two different lengths, allowing the front mounting point to be moved outboard and the rear mounting point to be moved inboard. This makes the arms closer to parallel and reduces mechanical bind.

Lighter weight = higher performance:
- These arms weigh less. A complete arm assembly with inserts weighs 3lb-1oz, which is a savings of about 3lbs per arm compared to the FFR tubular steel rear lower control arms.

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