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Upper Hose and Tube Forward Kit for Gen 3 Coupe w Coyote

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Upper Radiator Hose and Tube Forward Kit for FFR Gen 3 Daytona Coupe with Coyote engine. This 1.5" OD aluminum tube bridges the gap between the radiator cap filler tee, located just behind the radiator ducting under the hood, to the FFR radiator. This tube is supplied in mill-finish aluminum. It can be installed as-is to blend in with the aluminum radiator ducting, wet sanded to a sheen, or take it a step further with some metal polish to easily bring it to a shine. This is a nice way to eliminate the corrugated hose which we consider a temporary solution. Requires the upper hose supplied with Coyote crate engines and the FFR supplied filler tee. Note: Installed photos courtesy Mark Dougherty.

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