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Front Sway Bar Kit, Adjustable, Standard Width Control Arms

Breeze Exclusive
Price: $479.00
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The heart of this unique race-quality front sway bar kit is the Speedway Engineering Nascar tubular bar. It is modeled after the prototype installation developed and raced successfully by Alison and Nate Hine. (see Made in USA, this kit includes exclusive brackets to mount the extra heavy-duty 2" OD x .095" wall DOM steel support tube in your choice of 3 locations for fine-tuning of wheel rate. The bar is supported at its extreme ends by nearly frictionless Delrin bushings, so there is no binding as with polyurethane. The rod-end arm links (protected by Seals-It washers) bolt to the FFR tubular lower arms, either in front or behind lower shock mount for a total of 6 possible wheel rates. The brackets are located by the front lower control arm bolts for easy location before final welding. You mark and drill ½" diameter holes in the 6061 Aluminum arms, and trim the arms, to fit your car. The end links are bolted to the arms through pedestals which eliminate the need to bend the arms. Requires painting the steel support tube and brackets to match your frame after welding.

Note: This kit requires FFR tubular lower front control arms, original or current revision. Mk3-4 require removal of tow loops. (we strap our car using the control arms, sway bar support tube can also be used to strap the front of the car)

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