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EzePak Steer True Manual Retrofit (TM)

Breeze Exclusive
Price: $519.00
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If you are running the stock donor based de-powered power rack in your Roadster or Coupe and want to improve your steering, then this is the EzePak for you!

Includes these all-new parts:
70562 Needle Bearing Lower Universal Shaft Assembly with forged clampable yokes, painted gloss black.
70711 Steering Rack Kit, Maval-Unisteer Standard Ratio, 3.7 turns lock to lock, with rack extenders
70017 Solid Aluminum Offset Rack Mounting Kit (MK1 or MK2)
70634 (MK3, MK3.1, or MK4)
35236 Tie Rod Ends (qty 2)

Benefits are:

* Reduced steering effort due to slightly lower ratio and lower friction.

* Minimized play due to replacement of elastic joint with needle bearing joint, and replacement of rubber rack bushings with solid aluminum.

* Reduced bump steer due to lower rack position, 1" rack extenders and shorter height tie rod ends.

Note: Please specify what kit you are building (MK1, MK2, MK3, MK3.1, MK4) in the Special Instructions box when ordering.

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