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Aluminum Fan Shroud for FFR Roadster w AFCO Radiator

Price: $61.00
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This tapered aluminum fan shroud is for use with the AFCO radiator supplied in the FFR Complete Roadster Kit up until about September, 2015. The shroud is fabricated from .060" aluminum with welded seams in USA. Measures 22" wide by 18" tall, plus 3/4" flanges for attaching to the upper and lower radiator flanges. The fan mounting surface measures 18-3/4" wide by 17-3/4". Depth is 2-5/8". The shroud is blank and requires cutting the fan hole to the exact shape with mounting tabs to fit your fan as shown. The fan shown is the stock fan supplied by FFR. For installation hardware see #70558 Heavy Duty Radiator/Shroud Mounting Kit and #70551 Lower Radiator Support Kit.

Notes: - In some instances the shroud will need to be trimmed to clear the angled inlet of the FFR radiator. - This shroud is not meant for use on a Coupe.
- If you received your FFR radiator after about September 2015 it may be the newer version. It will have an angled inlet and angled outlet. The previous AFCO radiator has and angled inlet and perpendicular outlet. For shroud to fit the newer FFR radiator see Breeze #32204

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