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Engine Compartment Battery Mounting Kit, Mk3/3.1/4 Roadster

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered
Price: $139.00
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This kit allows you to mount a group size 51 battery in the engine compartment of your Mk3, 3.1 or 4 Roadster. The 51 battery was chosen because its narrow shape facilitates installation low between the front X-member and the front transverse 4 round tube. The 530 Cranking Amp capacity matches the maximum current draw of the mini-starter Breeze supplies with EzePak Start. An Exide type 51 battery weighs 28.5lb. Made in USA. This kit is not just a battery mount, rather a complete feature rich kit that also includes all the negative ground wiring from battery to starter and frame. Includes starter ground cable, engine ground cable, and chassis ground jumper.

The benefits of this kit are:
- Frees-up trunk space and provides easy access
- Eliminates the need for remote battery terminals
- Eliminates the need for battery cut-off switch
- Saves weight by replacing the 40lb group 34 Mustang battery with a 28.5lb group 51 battery.
- Improves handling performance by lowering the center of gravity of the car by placing the battery only 3/4 above the bottom of the 4 tubes, and by
reducing the polar moment of inertia (resistance to turning) because the mass is closer to the center of the car (location is between the axles).

The tray, and all mounting hardware are made of stainless steel. You gotta get this!
Notes: Batteries not included
Installed photos are of Mk3-3.1. Mk4 installation is the same except front of tray rests on round tube instead of square tube.
Does not fit with 385 series big block Ford 429/460 engines.

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