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VertexCrossFire (TM) Spark Plug Set

Price: $56.00
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This is a new spark plug designed by fellow FFR Roadster owner Glenn Maxwell! When Glenn approached us to help market his new invention, our initial reaction was, "You invented a new spark plug? Sure you did". We listened further, however, and found out that Glenn's design is so unique, it was granted United States Patent #7259506 in August 2007. You can see it for yourself here on the
US Patent and Trademark Office website.

The next question was "Do they make more power?". This question was answered by doing back to back dyno runs on Glenn's own Mustang 5.0 with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Testing was not done against any old spark plug. Baseline testing was run with a new set of Bosch Platinum +2's which are dual electrode platinum plugs. By simply replacing the new set of Bosch +2's with VertexCrossFire spark plugs, the peak HP went from 193.6@4100 to 201.9@4500, and the peak torque went from 272.1@3300 to 279.2@3300. That is a gain of 8.3hp (+4%) and 7.1ft-lb (+2.5%)! No other changes were made. Yes Virginia, they do make more power. These plugs will fit your small block Ford with aluminum heads, and replace the following part numbers:
Autolite 3924, AP3924, 5503
Champion 71(RC12YC), 7071, 3071, 9201
Bosch FR8DPP33
NGK 5464, 7994, 4292, 7090, 6953, 2382

Here is a recent unsolicited testimonial from a Vertex user:
This week I finally got around to installing the spark plugs in the Ferrari 348. It made a significant difference in idle smoothness, torque and upper rpm power. Very impressed with the plugs in a v8. The other set for the Porsche 944 turbo have been running for months, and did well on higher boost conditions where fuel saturation needed a nice bright spark. Adding the Vertex plugs in both cars gets the wheels squeeling unlike before. Thanks again and I hope to get more sets down the road.
Dave R.

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