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EzePak Cool (TM) for Mk3.1 & 4 Complete Roadster Kit and Small Block Ford Engine

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered Huge Timesaver
Price: $297.00
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Here are all the accessories needed to complete your cooling system! Includes fabricated aluminum fan shroud, HD Stainless Upper Radiator and Shroud Mounting Hardware Kit, Lower Radiator Support Kit, Coolant Expansion/Recovery Reservoir Kit with interconnecting tubing, Stainless Mounting Bracket for corrugated lower hose, adjustable thermostatic cooling fan switch kit, 90 degree elbow molded hose for connecting your thermostat housing to the FFR supplied 1.25" Coolant Fill Port, and 10 upgraded Made-In-USA Breeze All-Stainless Liner Clamps to replace all FFR supplied clamps, and instructions.
Note: This configuration is for small block Ford engines and FFR AFCO radiators and is not for Coyote engine installations with the newer FFR sourced radiator.

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