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Fused Alternator Charge Cable Kit

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered Huge Timesaver
Price: $39.00
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This kit is for making the connection from the alternator to either the starter solenoid or the battery disconnect switch. The solder-on terminals are supplied loose to allow you to cut the 8-gauge cable the length required for your alternator and solenoid locations and cable routing. A 100 amp Mega Fuse and holder are supplied. If you are connecting to your battery disconnect switch you will use the 3/8 loop crimp terminal. The 1/4" flexible wire loom supplied is nylon which is distinguished by a gray stripe and is rated for up to 300F. Includes solder slugs, heat shrink tubing, ans stainless mounting screws. Note: For alternators with 1/4" stud output terminal. Not for 2G Ford Alternators.
Use to replace the non-fused wiring in the FFR/Ron Francis harness when upgrading to a 3G or other alternator.

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