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Touring Fuel Tank Starter Kit

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered
Price: $399.00 $299.00
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This Touring Tank Kit is for all you creative genius fabricators out there. It is not a complete fuel system but can form the basis of a very nice setup.
This tank has more capacity and weighs less than the Mustang donor tank. It also eliminates the donor tank look. This kit includes a custom molded black cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank that has been shaped specifically for the FFR Roadster. The tank has a wall thickness of about 1/4". The dimensions are 33" wide, 17 1/4" front to rear and 9-1/4" deep. There is a 3-1/2" by 7 1/2" bevel on the back lower edge. Capacity is 18.5 gallons. This is 20% more than the donor tank's 15.4 gallon capacity. The bare tank weighs 15 lb. The required hold down bars and hardware add 2 lb. This 17 lb is 30% less than the stock steel tank at 18.5 lb plus stock poly tank shield at 6 lb. We have developed a beautiful stainless steel fuel tank strap set that supports the tank from the FFR supplied OEM mounting points. 1/2" square steel stock with attaching hardware to make hold down bars. You will need to devise a retaining feature to prevent the tank from moving sideways. We are also including 4 blocks of fuel cell foam to reduce sloshing. You need to develop and implement your own fuel filler, vent, pickup (or pump/pickup for EFI) and level sender approach. Capacitance based (no moving parts) level senders, are avaiable on the market to fit this tank and your gauge. A float style sender could also be used but not with the fuel cell foam. We presently have 5 tanks available at this special price.

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