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Trunk Weatherstrip Trim

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Note: This product is no longer available from Breeze. We list it here however because you can order a 10' length from McMaster-Carr P/N 1120A411 at at a good price.
Edge Trim, Black Vinyl Pepple Grain, for 1/4" Thickness with 3/8" dia. tubular foam rubber seal on one side. This is similar to the edge trim FFR has supplied for roadster trunk openings but made to fit up to a 1/4" thick edge. This means it can accomodate the varying layup thicknesses which on our Mk3 vary from about .15" to .23". If your trunk opening edge is not finished as nicely as you would like this trim has the advantage of covering that edge. It also protects the edge from nicks and dents that happen when getting things in and out of the trunk. Order 10' per roadster trunk. If your trunk edge is finished nicely and you want to let it shine, but also seal it, then see our adhesive backed "D" shaped seal (#21086) which can be applied to the trunk lid or the lip of the trunk opening.

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