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Roll Bar Parts Kit, 1-3/4", Carbon Steel

Price: $199.00
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Note: As of 4/17/18 only 1 kit with crossbar available. Once this is sold these roll bars will be unavailable until further notice due to lack of availability of reasonably priced material.
This roll bar parts kit supplies the main parts needed to install 1-3/4" diameter roll bar on your FFR Roadster. It is shorter and is raked back a few degrees compared to the FFR supplied roll bars. At 1-3/4" the diameter is smaller than the 2" supplied on the Mk1 - 3.1's and larger than the 1-1/2" diameter supplied on the Mk4. Can be used for driver or passenger side.
In our opinion this roll bar is the perfect diameter and rake for all FFR Roadsters!
This is a carbon steel roll bar loose parts kit which includes one 1-3/4" OD hoop, one fish-mouthed rear leg, two short 1-1/2" OD stubs to join the hoop to the chassis and one longer stub to join the rear leg to the chassis. The rear leg is just long enough to reach below body so when completed there are no seams visible. This is a kit where you mock up the parts on your car and tack weld the rear leg to the hoop in the position that fits your car. You then take the roll bar out to be finish welded. This roll bar parts kit can be installed on any FFR roadster, Mk1 - 4. The 1-1/2" stubs will fit inside the 1-3/4" receivers. For newer Mk4's the 1-1/2" stubs fit over the 1-1/4" receivers. The installed height of the hoop is 22" from the trunk floor.
Notes: This kit does not include grommets or fasteners.
For harness cross bar see p/n 35460.
Grommets made specifically for our 1.75" diameter roll bars can be purchased from Mike Everson at

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