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Koolmat Insulation Kit for Mk4 Roadster, 14 piece

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Koolmat silicone/fiberglass insulation kit for Mk4 Roadster. This kit includes 14 pre-cut pieces to line your interior with the exception of the rear cockpit wall. (available separately, see #35456).Note: Photo is of the paper patterns and not the actual material.
About Koolmat: Koolmat is a unique high-tech composite silicone/glass mat under-carpet insulation. It provides 4 significant benefits that are not found together in any other insulation material on the market today. First is insulating the interior from engine generated radiant heat transfer from headers onto the footboxes and convective heat transfer from the engine compartment air to the transmission tunnel and floor. Second is the sound attenuation the relatively dense materials provide when adhered to the interior aluminum. (This kit weighs 26lb.) Third is the resiliency of the silicone that provides a subtle bit of cushioning under the carpeting. Koolmat provides this without adding the thickness of conventional carpet padding. This is especially critical in the space challenged driver foot-box. Last is Koolmat's ruggedness and integrity. Both the silicone and glass can withstand temperatures well beyond what they will see and will not soften or smell like asphaltic materials can. Koolmat is a composite material, with the silicone cured directly into the glass mat, and although the glass mat is exposed on one side (installed facing the heat source) the two materials can not separate or peel like layered insulation products can. Koolmat does not absorb water - it is completely waterproof which is a huge benefit in an open top car like the FFR roadster.
So to re-cap:
Koolmat stops heat!
Koolmat kills noise!
Koolmat's resiliency adds comfort without bulk!
Koolmat lasts forever!
Recommended installation is to glue with brushed on contact cement. (customer supplied) Kits are supplied with a tube of silicone for sealing seams.
Do it once, do it right, augment your interior with Koolmat silicone/glass composite insulation.
For rear cockpit wall see #35456
For Mk2 kits see #35310 and #35311.
For Mk3/3.1 kits see #35322 and #35313

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