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Radiator Cowl Cover for use with Traditional Hood Hinges

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered
Price: $44.00
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This panel closes the gap between the top of the radiator and the front of the hood opening on Factory Five Roadsters equipped with the Breeze #35201 Traditional Hood Hinge Kit. It is functional because it forces all incoming cooling air through the radiator. It also improves cooling by preventing heated engine compartment air from being recycled back over the top of the radiator when your car is stopped and idling. The cover also cleans up the look of the engine compartment. It is laser cut from 5052 aluminum and is semi-gloss black powder coated for lasting good looks. The Breeze #70031 is a similar cover but without the slots and is for use with the FFR 4-bar link hinges or cars without hood hinges.

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