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T-Bird Based Pin Drive IRS Shock Kit, Single Adjustable, w 650 lb/in Springs

Breeze Exclusive Breeze Engineered
Price: $599.00
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T-Bird Based Pin-Drive IRS Shock Kit, Single External Adjustable with 650lb/in Springs. This Breeze independent rear suspension coil-over shock kit for FFR Roadsters and Coupes features QA1 Proma Star externally single adjustable shocks. Get the comfort, handling and reliability you expect from your car.
Features and Benefits:
- Designed from the ground up as a coil-over shock
- Bright Anodized Billet Aluminum body with integrated adjuster threads
- Beefy 5/8" diameter shaft
- Progressive Polyurethane Bump Stop
- Gas bagged to compensate for shaft volume, not gas pressurized, zero nose pressure on shaft
- 18 positions of simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment with one external knob allows you to dial in your damping rate to match your spring rate, car, driving situation, and personal preference.
- Silver Powder-coated 9" 650lb/in QA1 Springs
- Individually assembled, serialized and tested by QA1 in USA
- They look fantastic!
- Breeze exclusive stainless steel combination jam nut allows for easy first time assembly as well as disassembly for spring changes.
- Breeze exclusive stainless steel shock mount spacers
- Black anodized aluminum spring seat and jam nut with stainless steel thrust washer for easier adjustment
- Polished and clear coated aluminum spring hat with retaining pin
- Breeze exclusive 1/2" slot-loaded ball rod ends with 9/16-18 female thread for shaft
- Spherical bearing body-end mount
Requires: FFR with Pin Drive IRS
Upper and lower mounting bolts, nuts, washers
Recommended: Breeze #21108 spring seat adjusting spanner wrench set

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