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Founded in 1999 by Mark Reynolds, and run by Mark and his wife Tina, Breeze Automotive is the leader in offering a broad range of parts, innovative products, EzePaks, and experienced technical support for the Factory Five Racing Roadster or Coupe.

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When we first came out with the storage cubby kit, it was for the Mk 2-3.1. (The Mk1 had a wider

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Welcome to our newly redesigned Breeze Automotive website! The Breeze website that has served us so well, having logged

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If you have a carbureted motor and are thinking of making the upgrade to EFI the time has come!

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For small block EFI Ford engines not running a heater. The new version has the hex shaped aluminum manifold.

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LED Exterior Lighting Kit

This kit converts your headlights, turn signal, running and stop lights from incandescent to LED. It includes genuine Hella headlight lenses and electronic flashers needed for installation and operation.

Two each amber 1157 replacement LED bulbs are included for the front parking light/turn signals.

In back are 4 each red 1157 replacement LED bulbs for park/stop/turn signals.  Note the upper LED tail light compared to the lower incandescent tail light in the rear and side-rear photos below.

All the lights are brighter so you will be more easily seen. The headlights cast a significantly brighter, (7300 lumens), whiter light so you can drive at night with more safety and confidence! Compare the LED headlight in the left with the halogen reflector headlight on the right (which itself is a significant upgrade to the halogen standard sealed beam bulbs).

This kit is a serious safety upgrade, especially if you do any driving at night. Order yours today!



Radiator Fan Shroud

This is the new and improved design radiator fan shroud and mounting bracket that fits all versions of the FFR Roadster radiator as well as any 28″ circle track racing radiator. It is fabricated aluminum with welded corners. In addition to tapered sides we have included a tapered bottom and have included the fan hole and mounting holes for the FFR supplied Maradyne M166K 16″ electric fan. Weighs only 1.5 lbs. See also #70558 HD Hinged Upper Radiator and Shroud Mounting kit for attaching hardware.


Holley Sniper EFI Kit – Shiny

  • Keep a Holley under your FFR Roadster Hood!
  • Bolt on carburetor replacement EFI with integrated ECU supports up to 650hp
  • Integrated fuel pressure regulator (can be bypassed if using tank mounted filter regulator)
  • Use with or without the integrated ignition timing control & coil driver
  • Wide-band Oxygen Sensor with stainless steel clamp-on bung does not require welding
  • Color touchscreen for setup and gauge views – laptop not required
  • Calibration Wizard and self-tuning ECU
  • Clear concise color illustrated instruction manual
  • Available in Gold, Black Ceramic or Shiny Finish
  • Breeze pays the shipping cost for Sniper to continental US customers.
  • Save money by getting your Holley Sniper Base Kit plus fuel supply system components tailored to your specific needs and preferences from Mark Reynolds at Breeze Automotive! He has advised over 1000 customers on the best EFI fuel system approach for their FFR Roadsters. See 70768 for Single Fuel Line Kit.

Fuel Filter, Regulator and Single Line Kit for Coyote in Roadster (Direct Mount)

Fuel Filter/Regulator and Fuel Line Kit for use with Coyote Engine. This kit simplifies and improves your fuel supply setup by using the fixed-pressure combo filter/regulator and connecting it direct to the fuel pump return with a single 316 stainless swage fitting. The nice thing about this setup is it is a return-style system but appears return-less from the engine compartment since the only fuel line that runs forward is the 06AN braided stainless supply hose.  the regulator is set to 58 psi and is not adjustable. This kit is for use with normally aspirated (NA) Coyote applications when the flywheel HP is 470 or below with a nominal 190lph fuel pump.  If your Coyote will be making more than 470 HP the you will need at least a 255lph fuel pump, the 70777 Remote Mount Filter/Regulator and the 70750 High Flow Fuel Return. Includes Filter/Regulator with 06AN outlet adapter, swage fittings for pump and Coyote fuel rail, 11′ of Aeroquip Teflon lined 06AN braided stainless hose, hose end fittings and rubber lined stainless mounting loops with stainless hardware. For use with, and requires, Breeze 70734 190 LPH In-Tank EFI Fuel Pump with 3/8″ Outlet, and 70748 Quick Connect Hose assembly to complete your fuel supply system.